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Map Your Risk – FREE Multi-Hazard Risk Mapping Assistance – This program provided FREE Assistance to help local, state, regional and other critical and essential organizations in the Northeast understand and mitigate their risk and become more resilient. Due to the elimination of Federal Funding for this program we are no longer able to financially support it. We continue to actively seek alternative public and private funds to support this important program and will reinstate it if we are successful.

Northeast States Emergency Consortium
Emergency Management Risk Assessment Center
NESEC FREE Multi-Hazard Risk Mapping Assistance Application

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PLEASE NOTE: Requests from private entities will be evaluated on a very limited case-by-case basis depending on the critical and essential nature of the organization. In no cases will support be provided to consulting firms or directly to individuals.

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    Hazus Multi-Hazard Risk Mapping


    • Earthquake (historical or hypothetical event)
    • Hurricane (historical events, such as the 1938 hurricane)
    • Flood (historical floods, or 50/100/500-year flood simulations)
    • Essential facilities and critical infrastructure mapping, including unreinforced masonry buildings
    • Dollar loss estimates and socioeconomic impacts

    Guidance to upgrade your EOC to HAZUS-MH/GIS based mapping


    All applications received by NESEC will be reviewed, prioritized and approved in coordination with your State Office of Emergency Management.

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