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Written by NESEC on September 29, 2014 in Real-Time Hazard Maps

Real Time Earthquake MapUSGS Real-Time Earthquake Map:

The USGS generates a real-time map of earthquakes that have occurred recently in the United States. The map can be customized to include earthquakes of any strength and magnitude that have occured within the past 30 days. This map is updated hourly and can be viewed by selecting the “Map” option from the menu at the top of the linked page.

New England Real-Time Earthquake MonitorWestern Observatory New England Real-Time Earthquake Monitor:

Boston College’s Weston Observatory generates a real-time map of earthquakes that have occurred in New England. This map is updated regularly.

The USGS “Did You Feel It?” Database:

The USGS “Did You Feel It?” page used public surveys to track the extent and damage of recorded Earthquakes. These surveys are updated as new survey data comes in.

Weston Observatory Earthquake Database:

Boston College’s Weston Observatory is an earthquake research station that monitors Northeast. Their site contains many earthquake links, including a list of recent earthquakes in New England.