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Real-Time Hazard Maps

Here you will find links to real-time and near real-time hazard maps that will keep you up-to-date on hazardous conditions throughout the Northeast and the US. Please click on the maps to visit the hosting agency’s web site. There, you will find additional information and larger versions of the real-time hazard maps.If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (781) 224-9876 or email us at
DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of real-time information, many of these maps are experimental, use provisional or incomplete data, and are subject to significant changes over time. Users should check the accuracy, completeness, and fitness of these maps with the hosting agency before relying on them for mission-critical functions. This is especially important for situations where damage can occur as the result of using provisional or incomplete data. The Northeast States Emergency Consortium is not responsible for any of the maps depicted on this page.



    USGS Real-Time Earthquake Map:
    The USGS generates a real-time map of earthquakes that have occurred recently in the United States. The map can be customized to include earthquakes of any strength and magnitude that have occured within the past 30 days.

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    The National Hurricane Center providessatellite images of current storm and cloud activity over the Atlantic. The NOAA Satellite Center also provides “Floater Imagery” – close-up images of active Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in the Atlantic. Images are updated every few hours.The NOAA Satellite Center also provides “Floater Imagery”

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    The National Weather Service River Forecast Center provides real-time data on hundreds of river flood gauges across the United States. This is the most complete listing of stream gages at or above flood stage in the U.S. Please note that these flood reports are not adjusted for ice. This map is updated every few hours. The USGS flood and high flow map

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    The NWS hosts a tsunami event map that shows current tsunami events, tsunami warnings, and routine reports of underwater earthquakes for North America. This map is updated as new events and reports arrive. The NWS Tsunami Warning Center also allows users to limit their results by region. This map shows underwater earthquakes

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    The USDA Forest Service Wildland Fire Assessment System provides a daily assessment of current fires and fire dangers in the U.S.The USDA Forest Service Wildland Fire Assessment System also provides a short-term forecast of fire danger for the next day. The NWS Fire Weather Forecasts provide short-term forecasts of wildfire danger by assessing whether current weather

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    Panda Security Virus Infection MapPanda Security provides a real-time virus infection map that provides infection statistics for the US and several countries across the globe. This map is updated every 15 minutes.F-Secure Virus and Security Threat Alert MapF-Secure provides a real-time virus and security

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  • FLUS


    The CDC provides a weekly Flu Activity Map which shows the severity of flu outbreaks in each state across the U.S. The Flu outbreak maps are updated only during flu season (October through May). These maps are typically two weeks behind real-time, as it takes time and resources to tabulate hospital and health department data from across the country.

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    The National Drought Mitigation Center runs the US Drought Monitoring Map which tracks drought intensities across the U.S. This map is updated every Thursday at 8:30AM EST. The National Drought Mitigation Center also has animated historical maps which show the changes in drought conditions across the US within recent months and years.

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    The NWS has created a national doppler radar map which shows areas of precipitation (rain, snow, or hail) throughout the United States. The amount of the precipitation shown by the color. Light precipitation is blue, moderate is green to yellow, and heavy precipitation is red.

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  • Extreme Weather

    Extreme Weather

    The National Weather Service produces aWatch, Warning, and Advisory map that shows currently active weather warnings, watches, and advisories throughout the U.S. Please note that map will only display the most severe weather advisory for your area. To see a list of all weather advisories currently affecting your area, click here. This map is updated regularly as new information arrives.

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    The NWS Storm Prediction Center provides a map of active tornado and severe thunderstorm watches in the United States.BLUE boxes are severe thunderstorm watches, and RED boxes are tornado watches. This map is updated continuously. The NWS Storm Prediction Center provides a real-time map of current tornado touchdowns, high winds, and hail strikes for the U.S.

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    Vaisala hosts a lightning strikes map which displays 90% to 95% of lighting strikes throughout the United States. The lightning strikes map display is 20 minutes behind real-time, and is updated every 20 minutes. The National Weather Service in partnership with several agencies provides a lightning prediction map which displays the likelihood of lighting strikes

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    The government AirNow Web Site provides a National air quality Forecast Map for major U.S. cities. These forecasts are updated daily. AirNow Air Pollution Action Days MapThe government AirNow Web Site provides a map of U.S. cities that have declared “Action Days” due to high air pollution. These forecasts are updated daily.

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    The Bureau of Labor Statistics providessubstantial unemployment information, including a tables and maps of seasonally adjusted unemployment rates by state. This map is two months behind real time, and is updated monthly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics providessubstantial unemployment information,

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    The Interior Geospatial Emergency Management System (IGEMS) provides the public with both an overview and more specific information on current natural hazard events. IGEMS uses data provided by outside sources as well as data from Interior bureaus such as the U.S. Geological Survey. It is supported by the Department of the Interior Office of Emergency Management.

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