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Written by NESEC on September 29, 2014 in Real-Time Hazard Maps

NWS Watch,Warning,Advisory MapNWS Watch, Warning and Advisory Map:

The National Weather Service produces a Watch, Warning, and Advisory map that shows currently active weather warnings, watches, and advisories throughout the U.S. Please note that map will only display the most severe weather advisory for your area. To see a list of all weather advisories currently affecting your area, click here. This map is updated regularly as new information arrives.

Current Storm LoopSPC Watch and Warning Map:

The NWS Storm Prediction Center provides a simple map of severe thunderstorm, tornado, and flash flood warnings in the U.S. This map is updated regularly as new information arrives.

Current Storm LoopNWS Current Storm Predictions:

The NWS Storm Prediction Center provides a real-time image loop of severe thunderstorms throughout the U.S. These images are updated continuously.

Weather ForecastNWS National Weather Forecast:

This National Weather Service map shows the current weather forecast for the united states. These weather forecasts are produced every day.

Live Feeds of NWS Watches, Warnings, and Advisories:

NWS now provides live web feeds for all weather watches, warnings, and advisories in your state. Even if you do not have a Live Feed Reader, you can still use this site to read the current weather advisories for your state or county.